Suspect's fiancee arrested, charged in connection with Marshall homicide

MADISON (WKOW) -- The suspect in the killing of a Sun Prairie man is charged with homicide and hiding a corpse, while the suspect's fiancee is also arrested, and charged with a felony crime.Both 59-year-old Daniel Lieske of Marshall and his fiancee, 51-year-old Meichelle Goss appeared in Dane County Court Wednesday.Court Commissioner Jason Hanson set Lieske's bail at $750,000, after Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne proposed a $2 million dollar bail.

A criminal complaint states after Goss' daughter asked Lieske to help break up a party at the child's side of a Town of Medina duplex, Goss drove home all the party goers except 21-year-old Jesse Faber.The complaint says when Goss returned, she heard a confrontation between Lieske and Faber, and gun shots.  Ozanne says Faber was shot five times.The complaint states Lieske told Goss "...I killed the guy.  Now what the (expletive)."Ozanne says surveillance video of the property confirms a cover-up.

"We..see at 5:30 a.m. the person we believe to be the defendant exiting that residence again, this time moving slowly in a backwards fashion, dragging what we believe to be the victim in this case, and placing him in the minivan that was parked out front," Ozanne says.

Ozanne says the body was moved to another property, and then to a Lieske storage unit in Rio, where investigators found it after Goss eventually confessed to its possible location.Ozanne says Lieske and Goss provided no information on Faber as a massive search was conducted for him last week, when friends inquired about him after the party.

Ozanne also says Goss could have done something to help Faber. "Faber was moaning and she saw blood coming from him,"  the complaint states about the shooting incident.  "She returned back to unit 2,"  the complaint says.

"(She) Had opportunity to speak to law enforcement, or friends, and did not indicate she knew where his whereabouts were,"  Ozanne says.  Ozanne says Goss was aware of the concealing of Faber's body.  She is charged with hiding a corpse, with her bail set at $5,000.

The complaint says Lieske told detectives he did not contact authorities after Faber's death because he has been drinking.  Lieske's attorney, Tim Verhoff says Lieske may assert he acted in self defense. 


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