Judge denies Madison police officer's attempt to have drunk driving case dr

A Madison police officer's attempt to have her drunk driving case dropped is denied.

Squad car video shows the arrest of Kelly Hoeft in June 2017. The 41-year old is charged with two misdemeanor crimes connected to her alleged drunken driving, with a five year old child in her van.

The video shows a street sign near the intersection of Raymond and McKenna Roads allegedly mowed down by Hoeft's driving.

On Friday, a judge considered a series of motions by her attorney. During the hearing, Officer Samuel Brier, who made contact with Hoeft the night she was arrested, described what happened.

The defense made the argument that Brier did not have adequate probably cause to go on to her property, or to question her and detain her. They also argued that Brier violated her rights by asking questions before she had been read her rights.

The prosecution argued the information from the 911 call did constitute probably cause.

The judge agreed with the prosecution and dismissed the three motions. The judge postponed a legal motion he was not prepared to rule on until next month

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