Alt side parking restrictions in effect during Madison snow emergency

MADISON (WKOW) --- Parking enforcement officers are pretty busy during normal parking days. But when a snow emergency is declared, they are even busier.

The city of Madison declared a snow emergency Sunday -- which means alternate side parking restrictions are in effect for the entire city.

“The snow emergency hours are between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. every day that is declared a snow emergency,” said Lt. Mindy Winter with the Madison Police Department.

Winter said it's important that plow trucks have adequate space when clearing the roads.

“A big huge piece of metal that can reek havoc anything that it comes into contact with. So having having the roads as wide as possible for parking allows vehicles to pass. And it also allows plow trucks to pass without hitting things.”

According to Aileen Seymour -- a parking enforcement officer -- parking can be a challenge, especially for people living in the downtown/Isthmus area.

“There's just a lot of people out trying to find parking in a safe place. And it's hard to do, especially downtown,” Seymour said.

Knowing which side of the street to park can sometimes be confusing.

“But if you just think about it, what date it is for the hours between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m., and then park on that side of the street, you won't have any issues,” Winter said.

Seymour said most of the violations occur where parking is most limited.

“So it might be by apartment building, large apartment buildings. Or probably in the residential areas, the side streets. People just need to remember they can get to a city ramp during snow emergencies.”

Alternate side parking is in effect for all of Madison -- including the Isthmus. It will stay in effect for at least two nights.

Sunday, park on the odd house numbered side of the street. Monday, park on the even side.

A violation could result in a $60 fine -- plus towing costs. Parking ramps downtown are free overnight in an emergency.

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