Madison woman mourns loss of neighbor in a house fire

MADISON (WKOW) --- Laurelin Brokaw would visit her neighbor across the street from her home on Sheffield Road in Madison often.

“Very pleasant people. I would go over there at least every other day to visit and just chat, watch the news,” she said.

But now she's heartbroken after hearing one of her neighbors died in a house fire. When she arrived home Saturday night, the Brokaw said woman that was like a mother to her “was in the middle of the road having a panic attack.”

Because the house the woman shared with her brother was engulfed in flames.

“At about 6:50, the 911 center received a 911 call reporting a structure fire on Sheffield Road,” said Madison Fire Chief Steven Davis.

Brokaw said she couldn't see anything “but flames shooting out.”

The woman was able to escape the flames. But her brother not so lucky.

“Firefighters went around to the back of the building, broke into the house, found an individual and pulled him out. Unfortunately the person died,” Davis said.

“She was calling for cat and screaming no. She was losing everything in that moment,” Brokaw said.

Now Brokaw is determine to help her good friend -- mourn the loss of her brother.

“She's very traumatized, obviously, from the event. I'm deeply saddened and I just want to help her in any way I can.

The sibling's cat also died in the fire, according to Brokaw.

Brokaw spoke with the woman Sunday afternoon. She's in the hospital with severe burns on her arms. But otherwise she's physically OK.

Brokaw has setup a GoFundMe campaign to her the woman through this difficult time.

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