BBB sends warning out about snow removal company

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- The plowing company Snow Angels LLC has ripped off several homeowners in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. The warning comes from the Better Business Bureau. Officials say homeowners sign a year long contract to pay for their snow removal services upfront. Unfortunately no one from the company never shows up.

Customers called to see what was going on. They were told the company went out of business and they wouldn't be getting their money back.

The BBB is now warning people in Wisconsin to be on the lookout for suspicious seasonal workers.

"When you get that knock on the door from a contractor who says you know the price is only good for today only or you know exerting a lot of pressure on you to make an on the spot decision," said Susan Bach, Wisconsin BBB Regional Director. "That's exactly the time that you should walk away." 

The BBB is asking people who were scammed by Snow Angels LLC to reach out and file a complaint.

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