Police investigate shooting threat at Verona Area High School

Verona Police say there is no threat after completing an investigation into a school shooting rumor at Verona Area High School.

A joint release from the Verona Area School District and Verona Police Department states an officer assigned to work in the school was able to confirm rumors circulating among students.

The release states police interviewed several students and determined there was no active plan to cause harm to students or staff. Police say an exchange between two students escalated to one of the students allegedly making a comment to the effect of 'shooting up the school'.

The students in question and their families cooperated with the investigation, which included a home visit and a law enforcement threat assessment.

Police say they have concluded their investigation, and appropriate consequences are being administered.

Police and the school district want to remind students and their families, "if you see something, say something." Report any concerning comments, behaviors, and social media communications to the Verona Area School District and Verona Police Department.

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