Parent arrested after making way to classroom with sign that said "gun"

SHOREWOOD HILLS (WKOW) -- A parent apparently wanting to make a point about school security was arrested Thursday after getting to his child's classroom and handing the teacher a sign with the word "gun" written on it.

The parent arrived at Shorewood Elementary School about 10 a.m., Feb. 22, 2018, and requested access to the school by activating the buzzer at the front door of the building, according to a Shorewood Police Department news release.

The parent, Jonathan Fitzgerald of Madison, was allowed access to the school. but bypassed the school office where visitors are required to check in.

A staff member followed Fitzgerald down the hall from the office where he entered the classroom of his child.

Fitzgerald made statements to the teachers in the room about being an intruder who was allowed access to the school and gave the teacher a piece of cardboard with the word “gun” on it.

He then left the classroom and went to the office where he made the same statement and provided the administrative staff with another piece of cardboard with the word “gun” written on it.

Fitzgerald left the school and was later located by Shorewood Hills and University of Wisconsin—Madison Police staff.

Fitzgerald was arrested and booked into the Dane County Jail where he faces a disorderly conduct charge. Jail staff members tell 27 News Fitzgerald posted a $150 bond and was released.

Shorewood Hills Police investigators are working with the Dane County District Attorney’s Office to determine if other charges are appropriate.

There is no continued threat to the Shorewood Hills Elementary School or the Village of Shorewood Hills. Chief Aaron Chapin  

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