Suspect in Madison chemical arrest likely testing explosives

Newly-filed court documents show state investigators think materials to make IEDs (improvised explosive devices) were among the chemicals and items found in a Madison man's apartment and garage.

The records are connected to a search of Brian N. Campbell's unit at Timberlake Village Apartments, and they include information from a National Guard Science Officer that evidence in Campbell's apartment indicated he had been likely testing explosive material.

Authorities evacuated Campbell's west side apartment building Tuesday, and Campbell was arrested, as authorities said a large quantity of unspecified but potentially dangerous chemical material was.found. 

The Madison Police Department and Madison Fire Department were called about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018 to the building on Timber Lake Trail following complaints about an odor.

Campbell is the resident of the apartment that contained chemicals that were deemed to have created a potentially volatile situation.

Police say evidence does not suggest this was a meth lab, but what exactly the suspect was doing with the materials has not been thoroughly evaluated.

Subject matter experts from several federal agencies are collaborating to identify the chemicals and their potential use.

Madison Fire Chief Steve Davis said upon entering the apartment, they found numerous chemicals and called in additional resources.

"When we first got there, there was enough sophistication that it had all the potential to be something flammable or could be a bomb,"  Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said during a Tuesday evening news conference.

"There was a lot of stuff, disheveled, and a lot of chemicals," Koval said.

Koval said they are taking their time to investigate.

Altogether, 25 households have been evacuated and have been moved off site, Davis said.

"There was such a mix of chemicals and flammable liquids that usually aren't seen together," Davis said.

Officials are receiving assistance from the FBI, state Department of Criminal Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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