MFD: Chocolaterian Cafe fire under investigation

UPDATE (WKOW) --  Madison Fire Department officials say they're investigating the cause of the two-alarm fire Sunday morning at the Chocolaterian Cafe.

A fire engine company arrived at the business a little before 6:00 a.m. after smoke was reported in the neighborhood. A second response was requested at the scene about 20 minutes later.

Department Spokesman Eric Dahl says firefighters found flames in the basement and on the second floor extending into the attic. He says crews cut several holes in the roof to get the flames out of the tight space. 

No one was injured. 

The cafe's owners posted an update Sunday afternoon on their Facebook social media page:

Here's what we know: the fire likely started in the basement and worked its way up through the west wall to the roof. There's a small ocean of water in the basement of the building and serious smoke and water damage throughout. The fire investigator believes that he and city engineering will be done by Wednesday which is when all the tenants of the building and the building owners will be allowed in with our insurance folks and contractors. So, until then, we won't really have a sense of the level of damage and/or what we'll need to do to get back up and running.

The outpouring of support has been incredible. We really do live in a magical place full of wonderful neighbors and friends. Thank you all for your heartfelt notes. Many have asked what they can do to help. To be honest, the best thing you could do is find your way over to our Middleton location and continue to support us.

Thank you a million times over for being such lovely, loyal, caring customers. Keep your fingers crossed and send us whatever vibes you believe in. We're gonna need it! xoxo 


UPDATE (WKOW) --  Traffic is now being allowed back through the Schenk-Atwood neighborhood after a fire Sunday morning at the Chocolaterian Cafe.  Lt. Jason Ostrenga tells Channel 27 News as of 1:30 this afternoon, there are no more traffic patrols in the area. 


UPDATE (WKOW) -- Owners of Chocolaterian Cafe on Atwood Avenue say their restaurant has "suffered a significant fire" Sunday, according to a Facebook post.

Here's what was posted:

For those of you who have not seen the news this morning, Chocolaterian Cafe on Atwood Ave has suffered a significant fire. At this point, the fire trucks are still on the scene and we don’t have a sense of the damage yet. We will be closed for the foreseeable future and will keep everyone posted.


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