Alleged bank robber killed by security guard identified

The man shot during what appeared to be an attempted robbery in Madison Thursday has been identified as Luis Marty Narvaez, 35, of South Milwaukee, according to the Dane County Medical Examiner's Office.

Police say Narvaez was shot dead by a security guard who was trying to protect those inside the Chase bank on the 4500 block of Milwaukee Street around 5 p.m., March 1, 2018 roughly an hour before the bank closed. 

Narvaez had a criminal history that included bank robbery, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said during a Friday news conference.

Koval said the would-be robber was shot one time and died inside the bank after he barged in and demanded money. 

"He pulled a mask up over his face and postured as if he had something in his hands cause his hands couldn't be seen as something was draped over them as if he had something that he was grasping," Koval said. 

An investigation determined Narvaez was unarmed, but the private security guard took no chances. He shot the attempted robber in front of seven people inside the bank including at least one customer, according to Koval. 

For the alder who represents the area and others who live around the bank, many say it's an easy target. 

"The tellers are very much not protected, there's really nothing in between them and anyone who would wish them harm," said Alder Amanda Hall, who represents Madison's third district. 

The security measures are also a concern for police who note the specific Chase branch has a reputation with robberies.

"As we look at 2017 and up until today, this would be the fourth bank robbery, or it's attempt, in that time span," said Koval. 

Meanwhile, residents in the area are concerned about the continuous dangers that occur at the bank. 

"This is very much a residential area, so what happens at that bank really impacts the wellness, well-being and safety of the neighborhood at large," Hall added. 

Hall and others in the neighborhood emailed a letter surrounding the safety concerns at the bank. The letter was sent to the corporation about a week ago. They have not heard back yet from the bank.

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