City of Madison street plowing schedule for Tuesday

News Release

The City of Madison Streets Division will plow all City of Madison Streets today. There is no declared snow emergency.

There will be limited large item collection today due to staffing constraints related to plowing operations. Refuse and recycling collection, however, will go on as scheduled.

The Streets Division crews along with heavy equipment contractors will begin plowing all city streets at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.  All Madison streets should have their initial plowing 12 to 14 hours after the citywide operation commences. The combined plow force of the Streets Division and heavy equipment contractors will be approximately 150 pieces of equipment. 

While there is no snow emergency, the Streets Division requests that all Madison residents remove vehicles and trailers from the street if possible. Residents who receive refuse and recycling today are encouraged to place their carts on their terrace or driveway apron rather than placing them in the street. Fewer obstacles in the road means plowing operations will be safer, faster, and more complete.  

Refuse, Recycling on Schedule; Limited Large Items TodayThe Streets Division will have crews assigned to collect the tan refuse and green recycling carts. However, the snow on residential streets will likely slow collection crews.  

There will be few large item collection crews on duty today. Those Streets Division employees are needed to perform plowing operations. The Streets Division crews will assign additional large item collection crews, weather permitting, on Wednesday, March 7 to begin to collect from the areas that were scheduled to have large items picked today. The Streets Division regrets the delay.

Parking InformationThere is no declared snow emergency in effect tonight.  This means that alternate side parking restrictions will only be enforced outside of the downtown isthmus snow emergency zone.

Residents within the snow emergency zone are still encouraged to remove their vehicles from the street in order to help with plowing operations.  Since plowing will be occurring during the daylight hours, it is important to abide by all daytime parking restrictions. Adhering to those rules will also assist with plowing operations as crews work to push snow from the street.

Residents outside of the snow emergency should also remove vehicles from the street if possible.  Also, please note that alternate side parking restrictions will be enforced in the areas outside of the snow emergency zone from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. Vehicles violating alternate side parking rules may be ticketed and towed.  

Additional Information on Plowing OperationsSince the Streets Division will be plowing during the day, it is probable travelers will encounter snowplows working to clear the roads. Be sure to give the operators plenty of space as they work to make the roads safe.  Also, since this will be a daytime plowing operations, crews may also be slowed by the regular daytime traffic, and combing that with the dense wet snow could result in a slower than usual citywide plowing operation.

When you are on the roads during the plowing operations, it is common to encounter temporary windrows blocking side streets as crews loop through neighborhoods plowing the snow back to the curb.  

Since plowing operations are happening during the day, many residents will return to their home after work to find their street plowed and driveway apron blocked with snow. Snow in the driveway apron is a regular occurrence during plowing. Plow trucks follow the curb line, and their plow blades are angled toward the curb as well in order to push snow out of the street. Snow builds on the plow blade as they drive forward since the curb does not allow snow to fall off the blade. Gaps in the curb created by driveway aprons means snow falls off the blade and into the apron gap.

Yesterday’s snow was a very heavy and wet snowfall. Residents are reminded to take care when clearing their sidewalks and driveways.  Clearing driveway aprons after the street has been plowed may be particularly taxing as the heavy wet snow may be difficult to remove. Be sure not to overexert yourself, and take breaks as needed.

For those commuting through the city, everyone should make good choices when on the roads. Roadway users should be slow, patient, and safe. Crews worked through the night on the salt routes, which are the main thoroughfares of Madison.  Therefore, these main streets are in good winter driving conditions, but those using these roadways should still be prepared to encounter some slippery patches. Residential streets are covered with wet heavy snow, meaning conditions will be quite slippery. The residential streets will remain snow covered until plow trucks can service this street, which again, will take some time.

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