Vehicles destroyed after fire in Fitchburg parking lot

Courtesy: Jeff Thurner

FITCHBURG (WKOW) -- Several vehicles caught fire in the parking lot of an apartment complex early Thursday morning.

The Fitchburg Fire Department tells 27 News it put out the fire near an apartment building on Williamsburg Way. The fire was in the parking lot at the New Fountains Apartment Building. The fire department says no one was hurt.

Investigators are trying to figure out the extent of the damage and how many vehicles were involved. They're also not sure yet if the building was damaged.

Officials say it's too early to tell whether the fire is suspicious.

Someone living in the apartment complex told 27 News he heard what he thought were gunshots. When he went outside, he saw the fire and realized the noise was from tires exploding. Jeff Thurner shared pictures with 27  News of the burned vehicles. 

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