21 departments, 100+ firefighters to be on scene in Beaver Dam

Windy weather has delayed a plan to burn down a building experts say is contaminated, but it will still happen this week.

The Beaver Dam apartment building deemed too dangerous to live in after a chemical explosion last week will be burned down Thursday. It was supposed to be Wednesday, but officials say it would be too risky with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour expected. Fire officials say the risk of sparks flying and accelerating the fire is too dangerous.

There will be 21 fire departments from neighboring communities in Beaver Dam to help with this controlled burn at the Village Glen Apartments. Everyone will be evacuated from the buildings on the property and the nearby area.

More than 100 firefighters will be at the site, including some safety officers. Crews will build a barricade out of shipping containers to protect other apartment buildings on the property.

"They're going to be stacking up, I believe, 3 high in between the two buildings, the 109 building and the 113 building,  and we're hoping that acts as a thermal barrier between the two buildings because they are extremely close," said Fire Chief Alan Mennel. The fire is expected to be under control by early evening, when officials hope to be able to lift evacuation orders.Mennel said at a news conference it is possible the explosives inside the building that FBI investigators were unable to clear could end up detonating, but he says the chemicals degrade with heat. Officials say they spent a lot of time and spoke with people from across the country when determining this was the safest way to get rid of the threat. "Every time it comes down to whether life or property is more important, at this time life is more important," said Police Chief John Kreuziger.

Investigators will test for explosive materials after the fire is out. Once they release the property back to the owners, officials say people who lived in the building will be able to go through the debris to look for any belongings that can be salvaged. 

For more info go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/37714480/2018/03/13/controlled-burn-of-beaver-dam-apartment-pushed-back-to-thursday-because-of-weather-conditions


A tweet shared by Mutual Aid Box Alarm System on behalf of the Beaver Dam Fire Department announced that the controlled burn schedule for Wednesday will now happen on Thursday.

Weather conditions expected on Wednesday were considered to troubling to perform the controlled burn of the Village Glen Apartments Building 109. On Monday, March 5, a deadly explosion rang out inside one of the units. A controlled demolition was performed two days later to dispose of the chemicals inside the building. It was later deemed unsafe to live in and authorities decided a safe render operation was the only option.The burning of the building will happen on Thursday at 10:00 a.m.

For more go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/37714480/2018/03/13/controlled-burn-of-beaver-dam-apartment-pushed-back-to-thursday-because-of-weather-conditions

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