Meriter nurse under investigation previously fired by UW Hospital

MADISON (WKOW) - A Meriter Hospital nurse under investigation for unexplained injuries to newborns was previously fired by UW Hospital.

UW Hospital spokesperson Toni Morrissey says the nurse worked in a residency program from July through October 2003, and declines to comment on the reason for his separation from the hospital.  But a source close to the situation says the nurse maintained he was fired over what he said was absenteeism.  Morrissey says the residency program involved the nurse being supervised, and working in collaboration with other nurses.

Online posts indicate the nurse has worked at Meriter Hospital from 2003 to the present.  The nurse was suspended from Meriter Feb. 9, 2018.  Meriter, state and federal officials say since April 2017, five babies in Meriter's neonatal intensive care unit have suffered unexplained bruises, and even fractures.

Meriter spokesperson Jessika Kasten says due to an ongoing investigation into the nurse's actions, she is unable to comment on whether the hospital was aware the nurse had been fired previously.

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