Thousands march for gun reforms on one month anniversary of Florida school

Thousands of students from across southern Wisconsin walked out of class and marched to the state capitol on the one month anniversary of the school shooting in Florida.

Students gathered at Madison East High School and marched down E. Washington, nearly a 3 mile hike to demand change on gun laws. Students held signs “Are we next?” and “Ban assault weapons” to get their message across.The young and old generation participated in the march. Many students say this is a day was emotional and something they’ll never forget.

“This is the first time where I don't feel safe going to school,” said Gracie de Broux,La Follete Senior.  “I'm graduating soon but to see my peers to have to deal with this for years to come makes me infuriated."

Students continued their rally inside the capitol delivering a letter to the governor’s office demanding lawmakers to implement universal background checks and raise the age to 21 to get an assault-style weapon.

Many students said frustration are at an all time high without much being done, but are determined this movement will make a difference.

“We can't change any of the laws, most of us here are not even old enough to vote, but to know that they want they voices heard enough, miss class and potentially get punished is amazing to be apart of,” said Sachel Hamm, junior at Sun Prairie High.  

This demonstration and march was organized by students and did remain under control with help from Madison Police and Capitol security.

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