Three teens charged in Fitchburg homicide

 Three young men accused of a brutal crime were charged Monday afternoon in Dane County with several crimes related to a March 12 homicide in Fitchburg, and all are being held in jail on significant bail.

The criminal complaint filed in this case Monday provides details of what police describe as a drug deal gone wrong, which led to the shooting death of Julian Patterson. The document includes the account of a woman described as Patterson's girlfriend, in which she explains that the two went to the New Fountain Apartments on Anton Drive in Fitchburg to complete a drug deal. She told police they planned to sell about $700 in marijuana.    

Two of the defendants, Joshua McInnis and Gary Mays, got into the couple's van, and a fight started before McInnis pulled a handgun. The girlfriend went on to tell police Patterson got out of the van, but the two suspects followed and knocked him down before McInnis stood over the victim and fired a single, deadly shot.

In court Monday, a court commissioner explained why he was setting bond for McInnis and Mays at $1,000,000.

"I think the states recommendation is in line with the seriousness of what's alleged there in line with what has happened with similar cases in the past," Court Commission Jason Hanson said. "There's a fairly strong case, according to what is alleged in the complaint. I am going to adopt the state recommendation and set cash bail at a million dollars." 

The criminal complaint indicates the third defendant, Travon Jackson, set up the drug deal but never came out of the apartment complex.He is charged with Felony Murder and his bail is set at $200,000.

Gary Mays is charged with being a party to the crime of First Degree Intentional Homicide and Armed Robbery with the Use of a Dangerous Weapon.

Joshua McInnis is charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide and Armed Robbery with the Use of a Dangerous Weapon.

The criminal complaint states McInnis admitted to police he fired the shot and that they planned to steal the marijuana, but the document does not explain why that plan escalated to a deadly shooting.

All three suspects are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on March 29.

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