Man killed in Iowa County domestic shooting

RIDGEWAY (WKOW) --  Iowa County Sheriff's Department officials are investigating a domestic shooting early Saturday morning that left a Ridgeway man dead.

Sheriff Steve Michek says deputies were called to a home at 112 Keane Street a little before 3:30 a.m. He says they found a domestic-abuse situation, in which a shot had been fired.  The victim has been identified as 46-year-old Robin F. Reeson of Ridgeway. 

Neither the alleged shooter's name nor specific circumstances surrounding the incident have been released.

Sheriff Michek tells Channel 27 News three people were present in the home when the shooting happened and that they all knew each other.  He says the public is not in any danger either.

No one has been taken into custody as the sheriff's department is still working with the district attorney on what they've discovered in their investigation. 

Sheriff Michek says his investigators continue to speak to other people who might know more details about the shooting and that the case will take a little more time to follow up on because of that. He adds that they believe those individuals might have information that could be valuable to the district attorney.  

The sheriff says he's not sure if this particular residence had a history of domestic violence or not. 

More information about the case could be released Monday.

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