Monona businessman's kidnap case eerily similar to son's case

MADISON (WKOW) - A kidnap case involving a Monona businessman involves eerie similarities to a kidnap conviction against his son in another state.

A criminal complaint states 50-year old Mathew Levin offered a ride to a stranger, then kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 25-year old woman, until she was able to escape, when Levin stopped at a Monona gas station to buy condoms - an escape captured on the store's surveillance cameras.

Levin's attorney Friday was able to convince a court commissioner to reject a proposed, $100,000 bail for Levin, citing his crime-free history, and the parental responsibilities of a having "...six children, all of whom live with him."

27 News discovered one child is not in Levin's home, but in an Iowa prison.

In 2013, Kirk Levin was convicted of kidnapping an acquaintance.  Similar to what's alleged in his father's case, Levin provided a ride to the woman, only to have the lift turn into a kidnap.  As with the woman in Monona, the Iowa woman was able to escape from the younger Levin. At Kirk Levin's sentencing in a courtroom in Sac City, the kidnap victim said she forgave Levin.

But forgiveness does not translate to any leniency.  Although the two cases were adjudicated together, Levin separately killed his mother, Mathew Levin's former wife.  A judge sentenced Kirk Levin to life in prison for the murder, with a ten year sentence for the kidnapping.

Mathew Levin, nor his attorney, has made any comment on the accusations against him.  One of Levin's relatives posted his $50,000 bail, and he's free.

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