Rebecca Dallet wins seat on Wisconsin Supreme Court


Rebecca Dallet has been projected the winner in the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Dallet was elected judge in 2008. She tried to attract Democratic voters in the primary, running an ad critical of President Donald Trump. She also criticized the Supreme Court for ending an investigation into Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

She replaces Justice Michael Gableman, who did not seek a second 10-year term.

Michael Screnock was appointed a judge by Republican Gov. Scott Walker in 2015. He had the backing of the Wisconsin Republican Party and had previously worked as an attorney defending Walker's Act 10 collective bargaining law and legislative maps drawn by Republicans that are currently being challenged before the U.S. Supreme Court. -- AP

Dallet will be one of six women on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Photo: Getty Images

Full election results:

2018 Wisconsin Spring Election Results - Thumbnail Image

2018 Wisconsin Spring Election Results

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