Serious Rock County crash leaves dog missing

TOWN OF MILTON (WKOW) - Authorities say a serious crash in Rock County was survived by the car's driver and her beloved dog, but the small pet is missing from the crash scene and the surrounding area.Rock County Sheriff's Lieutenant Kim Litsheim says the rollover crash took place Wednesday mid-morning on County Highway N and Serns Road.

The car's driver, Shelbie Tripp of Elkhorn, received cuts and bruises, forced to climb out a window to get help.

Tripp tells 27 News her ten pound, long-haired Dachshund Rusty was either thrown from the wreckage, or slipped out, and is gone.  She's had the two year old Rusty since he was puppy.

"Oh my God, he's such a cute, he's just very sweet and definitely my best friend,"  Tripp tells 27 News.  "Not the kind of dog that would really go out and venture...he must be really scared."Litsheim responded to the crash and spotted the dog in a nearby neighborhood.

"So I rolled down my window, and tried to call for the dog to come to me, and get some snacks so I could coax the dog to me,"  Litsheim tells 27 News.  "Little did we know the dog is skittish, and me trying to call for the dog made the dog run more,"  Litsheim says.

Authorities say there have been several sightings of Rusty the dog, but he's remained at a distance.

Tripp and fellow searchers placed a dog crate packed with her sweaters near the scene of the crash in hopes Rustywould be drawn to the scent.

Tripp worries the deteriorating weather and her dog's potentially declining stamina make the passing time without his return more critical.She's encouraged those who've seen Rusty report he appeared to be healthy enough to continue to run.

"(While he's missing) I hope he finds a place to hide," Tripp says.If you have information on this missing dog, you are asked to call 608-757-2244.

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