Madison City Council votes to remove Confederate monument

WKOW) -- Madison's Common Council voted to remove the remaining Confederate monument from Forest Hill Cemetery.

The large cenotaph bears the names of the Confederate soldiers who are buried in that part of the cemetery. 

It will now be offered to the State Historical Society or the Wisconsin Veterans Memorial.

The unanimous decision comes after the council received three recommendations from different commissions. 

Before the vote, a number of citizens spoke on both sides of the issue. 

"If a community such as ours cannot find a way to remove a Confederate monument, how can other communities in which opposition is far greater and at times violent, remove Confederate monuments," asked Leaonard Cizewski?

But another man argued the cenotaph should remain because those who put it up have a right to free speech. 

"There is nothing defensive on that monument. If you're going to take down these monuments, then you mine as well take this flag down because it is discrimination to American history is what this is," said Jonathan Phelps as he pointed to the American flag. 

There's no word yet on when the remaining Confederate monument will be taken down. 

A smaller plaque was removed back in 2017. It, too, will be offered to the State Historical Society or Wisconsin Veterans Memorial. 

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