Felony child sex assault charge fails to lead to Fitchburg man's deportatio

MADISON (WKOW) - A felony, child sex assault charge fails to lead to a Fitchburg man's deportation.

Authorities say 22-year old Osmar Nocamendi is in the country illegally.

Nocamendi is charged with felony child sex assault, felony child abuse, and other crimes.  Authorities say Nocamendi sexually assaulted and beat a 14-year old visitor from Colombia Sunday in a Fitchburg apartment.

Federal immigration authorities asked Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney to turn over Nocamendi to them, but Mahoney did not honor that request.

Mahoney's spokesperson Elise Schaffer says the decision is consistent with the sheriff's policy on requests from federal immigration authorities to detain jail inmates until they can be transferred into federal custody.

"The Sheriff honors requests for those serving sentences in the jail," Schaffer says.  "If an inmate case is pending, can bail out, requests (are) not honored," she says.

Nocamendi's bail is more than $5,000.  He's also charged in a previous, drug case.

For more on this story: http://www.wkow.com/story/38033477/2018/04/24/felony-child-sex-assault-charge-fails-to-lead-to-fitchburg-mans-deportation

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