Democrats demand answers on departure of Father Conroy

MADISON (WKOW) --- Democrats are demanding answers as to why the U.S. House Chaplain resigned from his post earlier this month. House Speaker Paul Ryan requested that Father Pat Conroy step down.

Reports show Conroy resigned on April, 15 after spending nearly seven years praying on the house floor. Some House Democrats said it could be a result of a prayer he gave related to the new tax plan.

Paul Ryan's spokesperson denied that Conroy was pushed out for anything he said or did. They did not explain the reasoning. Conroy told the New York Times that he was "asked to resign" and said he's unsure as to why.

Democrats called this move offensive and outrageous without an explanation.

“For talking about a prayer and talking about these tax breaks helping poor people as well is wrong,” said Randy Bryce, Democratic candidate running for Speaker Ryan’s seat. “He was doing his job and I really take issues with a Roman Catholic Priest being dismissed after saying a prayer that was critical of policies.”

A group of bipartisan lawmakers in the House are drafting a letter to send to Ryan asking he explain the resignation.

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