UW-Madison Theta Chi suspension shortened

The Theta Chi fraternity at UW-Madison had its suspension shortened.

The fraternity appealed a decision by the Committee on Student Organizations. The committee reheard the case that stemmed from an incident on November 4 and found insufficient evidence to sustain the violation.

The commission still upheld penalties for Theta Chi for three incidents in November 2017:

  • On November 4, three underage women consumed alcohol at a party at Theta Chi. One was a high school student who became incapacitated and was taken to the hospital for treatment.
  • On November 18, Madison Police shut down a tailgate party at the chapter house after members disregarded warnings that the crowd had grown too large and no one else should be admitted. An underage woman was found to be drinking and reported that hard liquor was being served.
  • On November 20, a Fraternity and Sorority Life staff member found out a Theta Chi member sent a text message to a woman asking her to write "theta", "chi" and "rush" on her breasts and send him a picture.

The fraternity was originally suspended until October 21. After the appeal, the suspension will now end October 1.

After the suspension ends in October, the organization will be placed on probation through November 18, 2019. If Theta Chi is found to have additional violations while on probation, the chapter runs the risk of being terminated.


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