UW student suspects in videotaped dorm beating released from jail

Two UW-Madison student suspects in the videotaped beating of a student on the ground on residence hall property are released from the Dane County jail.19-year old Hogan Webb and 19-year old Aiden Faust appeared in Dane County Court Wednesday for the purposes of bail.

The videotape taken from a student's dorm room Friday shows a single victim on the ground outside Sellery Hall, being punched and kicked by three people, with a fourth onlooker in the video.  UW Police officials say 19-year old Michael Glozman has received a citation in connection with his alleged role.

Authorities say the victim, identified only as M.E.W., broke his wrist and suffered a concussion.Officials say Webb, Faust, and Glozman are all UW students.  A prosecutor says Webb is a Sellery Hall resident from California.

Assistant Dane County District Attorney Timothy Helmberger says Webb is under disciplinary investigation by the UW Dean of Students, and UW Housing and Residential Life.  UW-Madison spokesperson Meredith McGlone say Webb and Faust remain enrolled in school at this point.

Helmberger says charges against Webb and Faust are expected to be filed by May 17, when the student suspects appear again in court.  UW Police officials arrested the pair on the felony charge of substantial battery.

Court Commissioner Scott McAndrew suggested Webb's California residence and potential for separation from the university could make a case for cash bail.  But McAndrew decided on signature bonds for both Webb and Faust.

UW Police spokesperson Marc Lovicott says the three student suspects were strangers to the victim at the time of the attack, only engaging with him in an earlier dispute at the bar State Street Brats.

The three suspects are under 21.  The bar is in the Madison Police Department's jurisdiction.  But Lovicott says Madison Police personnel will not be investigating whether bar staff served alcohol to the underage patrons.



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