Monona Grove Board votes to keep "To Kill a Mockingbird"

UPDATE (WKOW) -- The Monona Grove School Board voted to keep To Kill a Mockingbird as part of its curriculum.

Board members voted six to one to retain the book, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.


MONONA (WKOW) -- The Monona Grove School District Board of Education could make a decision about whether to keep To Kill a Mockingbird as part of its curriculum at the Wednesday night board meeting. 

At the end of 2017, a family in the district had asked the school board to stop making students read it.  The plot involves the trial of a black man accused of raping and beating a white woman.  

In February, a committee voted to keep it in the lesson plan by a 4-1 vote.  One of the committee members who voted in favor of keeping it said he voted that way because he doesn't think schools should shy away from material just because it's difficult.  He thinks To Kill a Mockingbird could be an opportunity to talk about change.  

At the end of February, an appeal to the board's decision was submitted.  The board considered it in April, but didn't decide on anything.  

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