Two tornadoes spotted in Wednesday’s storms

Photo: WKOW

The National Weather Service is out surveying the sites of two tornadoes from Wednesday’s thunderstorms.

Meteorologist J J Wood says a tornado near Fennimore in Grant County was an EF-0 rated tornado, the lowest rating. “We had some windows blown out of a house, trees were downed, and a machine shed and a barn were damaged.”

A hay barn and a storage shed were destroyed on Vance Lenzedorf’s farm near Fennimore. “I’ve never been through anything like this. We’ve had straight line winds, but no, nothing like this!”

Another funnel cloud was spotted in Washington County near Richfield. “We still have a survey team out surveying the damage,” says Wood.

That storm took resident John Bosanec by surprise. “It was just sunny, you heard a little wind. And I was in the bedroom at that time and I looked out the window, and everything was flying.” He lost ten trees on his property.

No one was injured in either storm.

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