Fire inspector: Portage apartment fire caused by girl playing with matches

 A fire inspector with the Portage Fire Department says the fire that led to the death of a toddler was started by the boy's sister playing with matches.

The fire broke out Sunday morning in a fifth floor apartment in the building commonly known as the Ram Hotel. Inspector Craig Ratz says the fire started in the bedroom the two children shared.

Twenty-month-old Damien Lawless after the fire. Lawless' fire, Chad, told 27 News he tried unsuccessfully to save his son.

Ratz says the boy's 4-year-old sister had been playing with matches.

Ratz says after some work was done on the building, people living on the first, second, third and most of the fourth floor were allowed back into their apartments. No one living on the fifth floor has been cleared to return. Ratz says an electrician will return for more work on Thursday. After that work is complete, he says about half of the people who live on the fifth floor should be able to to return.

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