Sterling Brown speaks out about body cam footage

- Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown is speaking out about police body cam footage released Wednesday. Brown said he struggles to watch it as it shows him being questioned by Milwaukee police officers after he reportedly parked illegally and officers tased him.     

"It's tough every time I watch it," said Brown.    

He said during an interview with Good Morning America that he felt defenseless and is now trying to turn a negative situation into something positive. Brown’s encouraging others to bring attention to situations like this.

"It's something that's being shown more, now that technology advanced and it's something that's been happening for's something where people's stories are not being told or heard," said Brown.

A recent poll conducted by the Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) shows 94% of people support police wearing body cameras - a 10% increase from 2017.

"We really think it's invaluable and it's better than not having the video evidence because you have situations where people who have conspiracy theories kind of asserting these discussions," said Jim Palmer, Executive Director of WPPA.

Palmer said body cams are working in communities that have access to them. They allow both officers and those being questioned to have visual proof of what's happened, instead of someone's word.

"They do provide a level of certainty, that is something that law enforcement relies on and they need the trust in the public."

Currently Madison's Police Department does not have body cameras, something the department says they're looking into.

"It really just holds officers accountable and future officers accountable -- to have the city to make a commitment to the people in the community," said Brown.

Brown said at first he didn't want the footage to be released because it was his “personal business.” He has since changed his views and hopes the situation becomes a platform to create policy change in the Milwaukee Police Department.

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