The Old Fashioned reopens after weekend of fire cleanup

MADISON (WKOW) -The Old Fashioned restaurant in downtown Madison is back in business Monday night, after a fire forced it to shut down. 

The restaurant made the announcement on Facebook.

When firefighters arrived Friday, smoke was pouring from the roof. Madison Fire Chief Steve Davis says the building did not have emergency sprinklers, but they still got the fire out quickly.

The restaurant originally planned to re-open Saturday, but crews say because the building is so old, repairs have taken longer than expected.

"So [Monday] we're just in cleanup more, we've been going at it full-bore since Friday when we were able to get into the building Friday night," Jennifer DeBolt, restaurant owner, said. "We've had cleaning crews here, our staff has helped and we're able to open half the restaurant [Monday] at 4 o'clock."

According to the DeBolt, only parts of the restaurant are open. It won't be completely open for another week. 

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