Mayor Soglin wants new vehicle registration fee

MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison Mayor Paul Soglin wants to add a vehicle registration fee in the city.

The cost would be $17 per vehicle, according to the resolution he's drafted. The legislation is scheduled to be introduced to the City Council at the council meeting on June 19.

Soglin says the fee would bring in $3.3 million a year. That money would be used for transportation projects.

If approved, it would cost $120 per year to register a vehicle in Madison -- $75 from the annual state fee, $28 for the Dane County fee that takes effect October 1, 2018 and the $17 from the city fee.

The mayor is hoping to have the fee take effect on January 1, 2019. According to Soglin's resolution, in order for that to happen, the City Council would need to approve the measure by its September 4th meeting, since the state Department of Transportation must receive notice of enactment of a local vehicle registration fee at least three months before it takes effect.

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