Democratic businessman Andy Gronik leaves governor's race

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Press release from Gronik campaign:

MILWAUKEE - The crowded field of ten Democrats just got a little less crowded today with the announcement that entrepreneur Andy Gronik would suspend his campaign for Governor of Wisconsin. “This journey has been the greatest of my life,” Gronik said. I’ve had the amazing privilege of meeting with and listening to people from all walks of life and all political persuasions – democrats, republicans and people who could care less about politics – from all across our beautiful state. It is these people’s stories and struggles that inspired me to enter this race and bring people together to create a Wisconsin That Works for everyone.”


The Marquette Law School poll released yesterday showed Gronik trailing Evers by a wide margin but clustered together with his other democratic challengers. “The response to my candidacy has been incredible, and we’ve been picking up momentum and supporters every day, but just not fast enough,” Gronk said. “I will be forever grateful to the tens of thousands of people from throughout the state and country who supported my efforts to become the next governor of Wisconsin. And, I will be eternally grateful to everyone who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me in the fight to reclaim our state for all of the people who live here.”


Despite the incredible outpouring of support, Gronik has not been able to break away from the very crowded field. “It’s time for me to step down and give someone a legitimate chance to win in November,” Gronik said. “There are lots of people sitting on the bench, confused by the large field of candidates and waiting to see what happens in the primary. I don’t think that’s a winning strategy! This is a time for decisive action, so I am strongly encouraging people to coalesce around the Democratic candidate they believe will beat Scott Walker. Let’s not forget that’s the objective. I will be endorsing a candidate soon and will work hard to see the winner of the primary victorious in November.” 


“Jumping into this race was as much of a calling to me as anything I’ve ever done in my life and getting out is very difficult for me. I’ve always delivered on my promises, and I made a lot of promises throughout our state that I’d bring people back together to build on Wisconsin’s strengths and make a living here better for everyone.  I took this fight for so many good reasons but especially to help those marginalized by our broken political system who cannot fight for themselves. I’ve fallen well short of my goal, and it hurts.”   


“I want to thank my wife Mary and my amazing children Spencer and Maria for all their love and support. I’ve been largely absent from their lives over the past 2-1/2 years working tirelessly to find real solutions to the social issues dividing our state. Every conversation I’ve had during this period has been my honor, and I will take away one compliment as a remembrance of this amazing journey, ‘Andy, you are everywhere, for everyone, always. Wisconsinites, you are loved," Gronik concluded.  

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