Tony Evers keeps Democratic lead in Marquette Poll

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- With two months to go before the primary election, about a quarter of Democratic voters say they plan to vote for State Superintendent Tony Evers, according to the newest Marquette Law School Poll.

Evers received 25 percent and led the last poll conducted in March. Following behind him is Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, Matt Flynn and Mike McCabe all tied with 7 percent. The biggest percentage 34 percent is of voters who are undecided.

"We may see a late campaign from some candidates. On the other hand, let’s see what the July numbers show, maybe someone will break out,” said Charles Franklin, Director of the Marquette Law School Poll. “With the percentage of undecided and don't knows about the candidates, there still a margin of how much learning there still can be."

The poll also found Governor Scott Walker leading all of the 10 Democratic candidates running against him on the August primary ballot. He was matched up with each candidate, a first for Marquette's poll. It also marks the first time in two years that more voters approve than disapprove of the job he's doing (49 percent to 47 percent).

As for the U.S. Senate race, on the Republican side Kevin Nicholson led with 37 percent to Leah Vukmir's 32 percent -- a narrower lead for Nicholson since the last poll in March and since Vukmir received the state Republican Party's endorsement.

"She gained visibility but so did Nicholson in the wake of the convention, so she didn't disproportionately become better known as you might imagine after an official endorsement might make," said Franklin.

The Marquette Law School Poll interviewed 800 registered Wisconsin voters, by landline or cell phone, June 13-17, 2018. The margin of error is +/-4 percentage points for the full sample. For the Democratic primary sample, the margin of error is +/- 6.4 percentage points, and for the Republican primary sample, the margin of error is +/- 6.9 percentage points.

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