Police release description of man suspected of smashing night club

 Madison police say a potential suspect in the incident is a taller black male with a baseball cap worn backwards. Police are hoping video surveillance will help identify the suspect.  Anyone with information is urged to call 255-2345.

For more go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/38496879/2018/06/24/window-smashed-out-at-madison-nightclub-overnight


UPDATE (WKOW) -- The owner of Plan B on Williamson Street, Corey Gresen, said he spent Sunday morning cleaning glass and boarding up his nightclub after someone smashed one of his club's front windows with a cinder block around bar-close Saturday night.

"All our patrons were still trying to leave, my staff was still here, my security staff my bar manager all had to deal with this," he said.

Gresen said no one was hurt but the repairing the damage to the window, frame and tile inside is expected to cost about $2,000. 

He said, he is concerned, this vandalism isn't random but rather, given the fact that PlanB is an LGBTQ-friendly bar, it might be an attack on the LGBTQ community.

"Somebody doesn't just come and find a cinder block out of nowhere and throw it through a window," Gresen said. "There's an intent for sure."

For now, the business replaced the window with a board spray-painted with a rainbow and the words "LOVE Trumps HATE." According to Gresen, that's his message for whoever did this.

"They're not going to defeat us and we're still going to celebrate and we're still going to celebrate our community and our pride," he said.

That's also why he said, he reached out to police and has been in touch with a few guests who said they may have seen something Saturday night. He filed a report and Madison police said they are looking into the vandalism.

"There are consequences to hate crimes and just be held accountable for your actions," Gresen said.

He said insurance will likely cover much of the repairs and he expects to clean up the damage in time to open in time for next weekend.


MADISON (WKOW) -- A popular LGBTQ-friendly bar in Madison was hit by vandalism early Sunday morning. The owner of Plan B on Williamson Street tells 27 News someone smashed the front window of the club with a cinder block around bar time overnight. The business replaced the window with a board spray-painted with a rainbow and the words "LOVE Trumps HATE".Madison police are investigating the vandalism. Tonight on 27 News at 10, hear from the owner who is calling the incident an attack on his community.

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