Tornado that just misses house near Argyle

TOWN OF ARGYLE (WKOW) -- A tornado ripped through parts of cornfields and traveled for about a mile before twisting through a property where a 12-year-old was inside a home. 

"I got some cleanup to do," said Tom Nelson as he laughed while looking at the large mess in his front yard. 

On Tuesday, Mother Nature threw a literal twist into his afternoon as a tornado barreled through his property. 

"You really don't ever expect to be hit by a tornado. But, seeing is believing," he said as he chuckled at the damage, thankful that nobody was hurt. 

The twister broke large, thick branches off the old walnut tree that rested in his front yard. Many of them landed just in front of his porch, barely missing the house where his 12-year-old son heard it all. 

"It was really scary," said Thomas Nelson, Tom's son. "I was really nervous. I was kind of in panic mode."

Tom was inside his room on the second-floor when he heard the storm starting to churn. 

"It was really loud. It was almost like a big crack of thunder," he explained. 

But is just wasn't the thunder he was hearing. Instead, he was hearing the tree getting ripped apart. 

"I tried to go downstairs and then I heard a large crash," he said. 

The family also lost a large shed on their property where they stored tools, personal items and different projects. 

The structure was blown out with pillars split in half like tooth picks. The walls were pushed over and tin roofing could be seen scattered across the land. The roof of the building was nearly touching the ground as it rested on an old Ford pickup truck that was inside the shed. 

"Well, it's pretty impressive cause I was just in that shed this morning," Thomas said. 

Nearby cornfields were blown down as the twister made a straight-line path for about a mile from I-81 down towards County Road N in Blanchardville. 

Now, the family will spend time cleaning up the mess left behind, but they're thankful nobody was hurt. 

"Yeah, I'm glad it did not hit the house any worse than it did. Thank goodness," Thomas said! 

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