Investigation continues into chemical burn attack

UPDATE (WKOW) -- Madison police say a man arrested in connection with an attack that left both the suspect and victim with serious chemical burns has now been taken into custody.

Matthew R DeJesus, 31, Madison was released from an area hospital Tuesday and taken into custody on a probation hold while the investigation continues.  Formal charges are expected to be filed at a later date.


UPDATE (WKOW) -- Police arrested a man after he allegedly doused a victim with an unknown chemical in a confrontation Friday on Madison's west side.

The man, 31, was taken into custody shortly after 11 a.m. June 22 after the SWAT team entered an apartment building at 5801 Raymond Road near Leland Drive.

Police say the victim, a 32-year-old Madison man, suffered serious burns when the suspect doused him with a caustic chemical substance that has not been identified yet. The victim is being treated for chemical burns at a local hospital. The suspect suffered similar burns and is also being treated.

Lieutenant Mike Hanson says the suspect did not resist arrest.

"There was some relief he was getting medical attention,"  Hanson says.

Using special biohazard precautions, Madison police officers and firefighters escorted the man in custody into an ambulance.

A Madison Police official says a love triangle may have precipitated the violence.

The suspect nor the victim have been identified.

Charges are pending in the case. 

Neighborhood leader Tutankhamun Assad was one of the many, community onlookers as emergency personnel swarmed and cordoned off a four block section.

Assad heads up the Mellowhood Foundation.  He says he welcomes the arrest in the violent crime case, but says the tension is familiar."I'm asking this greater Madison community - the steady diet of guns, snipers, and police forces in certain communities - why does it continue to happen?"  Assad says.Assad notes the building where the suspect was captured and several other buildings in the Meadowood neighborhood are owned by publicly-funded non-profit groups.  Assad maintains some of those outside entities need to forge closer ties to the neighborhood.

The man's capture took place at a building owned by Common Wealth Development.  Executive Director Justice Castaneda says the building is refurbished, affordable housing, tenants are supported, and he says his firm is invested in Meadowood.

The man's capture took place after a five-hour stand-off between police and the suspect.

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