Wisconsin man charged after minivan gets embedded in house

A 35-year-old man is facing charges after he was found in the driver's seat of a minivan embedded in the side of a Wisconsin home.

A criminal complaint says a deputy was dispatched June 28 after a Newburg homeowner reported a loud bang and found a vehicle in her neighbor's house.

Homeowner Ken Bienlein had been sleeping near where the vehicle's rear bumper ended up. The 78-year-old got covered in oil.

Alva Richards, of Waubeka, was disoriented in the driver's seat when a deputy arrived. He eventually jumped or fell about 15 feet to the ground. Richards is charged with recklessly endangering safety and marijuana possession.

Jamon Ingelse, with Lanser Garage & Towing, says they've pulled lots of cars out of buildings, but "never any that are completely off the ground."

For more go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/38586617/wisconsin-man-charged-after-minivan-gets-embedded-in-house

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