Investigation continues as downtown Sun Prairie looks to begin rebuilding

Police say they are days away from determining if they need to maintain the security zone in downtown Sun Prairie for a possible criminal investigation or turn it over the the city to begin cleanup operations.

In  a news conference Monday, Lt. Kevin Konopacki said the investigation is ongoing, however he would not release any information until the investigation is complete and a determination is made on whether or not to recommend criminal charges.

A gas main was reportedly ruptured by a contractor July 10, and the following explosion killing firefighter Capt. Cory Barr.

Konopacki said it will be days, not weeks, before the determination is made.

Once the site is released by police, city engineers along with the Department of Transportation will determine how to tackle the cleanup, including demolition and removal of the buildings and repair of the roadways in the explosion zone, according to Backpacking

"We're moving forward, but we're not 100 percent there yet," Backpacking said.

Businesses that were destroyed in the explosion and fire included the Barr House, Glass Nickel Pizza, Razer Sharp Screen Printing, American Realtors along with the American Family Insurance office and the vacant Watertower Chop House building.

The Red Cross shelter at the high school is now closed, and donations are now being handled by the Sunshine Place, which is working to find housing for those displaced by the fire.

Donations specifically for Sun Prairie relief can be made to the Bank of Sun Prairie.

The city also has set up a list of resources on its website at

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