911 calls reveal Sun Prairie explosion response unfolding

SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) -- A week after a deadly explosion in Sun Prairie, we're hearing how response to the blast unfolded through dispatch recordings.

The 911 calls provide a picture of what people heard and saw as their community went up in smoke.

"Something blew up…oh my god... Somebody apartment blew up ... What is that?" said one caller. 

Dispatchers raced to get information. 

"Tell me exactly what happened," a dispatcher said to a caller, who responded, "The whole building shook, like it was an earthquake or something."

They sent help the moment a contractor called in to report the main break on Main Street. 

"Main Street and Bristol Street. Sun Prairie," the contractor told a dispatcher. "We were doing construction work and we hit a gas main."

Dozens of callers shared what they saw from their homes. "I just heard this boom and I could see smoke…and coming from.. It looks like a house blew up," a caller said.

Even a volunteer firefighter called in from home.

"I'm on the fire department," he said. "A loud explosion shook my house ... and there is a whole lot of black smoke coming."The calls also depict the urgency to get people to safety. 

"I want you to leave your building, just because if the explosion caused any damage to the structure, I don't want it to collapse on you guys," a dispatcher told a man whose house was damaged. 

We still don't know what caused the explosion, but during a news conference Monday police said in the next few days, they should be able to say whether there was any criminal negligence. 

For more on this story: http://www.wkow.com/story/38669699/2018/07/17/911-calls-reveal-sun-prairie-explosion-response-unfolding

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