Second investigation into DeForest Police Chief Daniel Furseth

- There's a second investigation into DeForest Police Chief Daniel Furseth.

According to the minutes of Tuesday night's meeting, the village board will not file a complaint with the police commission about Furseth after an old YouTube video surfaced of him making derogatory remarks about a group of African-American men.

However, there is now a second investigation separate from the first. Village president Judd Blau told the DeForest Times-Tribune, “An additional topic came up that we have an investigation ongoing for." He didn't elaborate on the investigation.

The first investigation's report was made public at the Village Board meeting Tuesday night. It found while there seems to be implicit racial bias in the department Chief Furseth runs, there's no evidence of explicit or overt racial discrimination.

Furseth has been on administrative leave since the first investigation began.

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