Wisconsin senators react to proposed farmer bailout package

The Trump Administration is planning to deliver a massive payout to American farmers hurt by a trade war.

That’s in line with a letter Senator Tammy Baldwin sent to the Ag Department earlier on Tuesday that called for farmer assistance.

“On top of every other challenge that our agricultural economy faces, especially dairy, the retaliatory tariffs are causing major harm.”

Under the proposal, the Trump Administration would deliver $12 billion in aid to farmers across the country. Baldwin’s letter to the USDA calls for long term fixes, and to instead focus on Chinese money manipulation and Canadian dairy tariffs.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson says farmers “want trade, not aid” while other critics say the administration is putting farmers on “welfare.”

Senator Johnson also suggested in front of reporters from Politico and The Hill that the Trump Administration is steering the country’s free market economy toward a “Soviet-style” system where “commissars” decide how to sprinkle out benefits.

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