Lake Mills boy brings donation to Sun Prairie Fire Dept


Gavin Martin, all clad in his firefighting gear, met with Sun Prairie firefighters to bring them the fruits of his labor -- $6,240 raised all from a lemonade stand in Lake Mills.

In total, he sold more than a hundred gallons of lemonade.

People flocked to the stand thanks to word of mouth and help from his sister Alicia sharing it on Facebook.

"It's so nice to see such good people out there willing to help out in the community, it's just incredible," Alicia Christ, Gavin's sister said.

Firefighters in Sun Prairie had a very unique way to say thank you to Gavin, giving him a ride in their ladder truck.

"It's just an incredible experience for sure, he looks up to these guys all the time, every parade," Christ said. "He's just so excited, so overwhelmed, it's his dream come true, so it's awesome."

To the Sun Prairie Fire Department, the kind of work kids have done in this difficult time has been invaluable.

"It's kids like Gavin who brought the community together,"Sun Prairie Fire Chief Chris Garrison said.  "When the community sees that that's when they change."

Chief Garrison says checks of support have been coming in day in and day out, but he just hopes the sense of community that has come out since the blast doesn't change.

"The only thing that I ask is people remember this, people don't forget about it," Garrison said.

Maybe one day, the Sun Prairie Fire Department will have a new member.

"I'm gonna be a part of their team," Gavin said.

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