Trial begins for man charged with killing 82-year-old Middleton woman

 The trial began Monday for the man charged in the brutal killing of an 82-year old Middleton woman in April 2017.Authorities say Hamann was renting a room in the home of Agnes Bram in April, when Hamann hit the elderly woman at least eight times over the head with an object.  Hamann has a previous felony conviction for hitting a neighbor over the head with a baseball bat. 

Authorities also say Hamann's mother chose not live with him in part because a fear he would hit her over the head.  Authorities also say around the time of the murder, Hamann posted derogatory remarks about women on a Facebook page.Hamann has been found mentally competent to stand trial, but the analysis over whether a mental defect or disease interfered with his ability to conform his behavior to appropriate standards at the time of killing involves some different factors.'

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