Police: motorized scooters can't operate in Madison

MADISON (WKOW) -- Motorized scooters have been gaining popularity in Wisconsin.

However, they're already receiving push back in Milwaukee.

Bird Rides set up shop in Milwaukee in June. On Tuesday, the city banned the company's electric scooters, claiming they violate state law. Starting Saturday, authorities will begin to impound them.

Local authorities say electric scooters can't operate in Madison, either.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval says under state law, electric scooters qualify as motor vehicles. Because they don't meet federal safety requirements, you can't register them. That means you can't ride them or park them on any roads or sidewalks.

"The idea of darting in and around, not only bikes, and skate boards, and pedestrians, and watching for the occasional Madison metro bus, that offers another whole level of public safety issues that we're not ready to brace ourselves for," Koval said.

The city of Madison is drafting an ordinance to address the issue of motorized scooters. Chief Koval says it could be introduced as early as September.

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