Evacuations called for Sun Prairie methane gas leak

UPDATE (WKOW) -- Sun Prairie Fire Chief Christopher Garrison says everything seems to be back to normal.

Garrison says crews are now waiting for a WE Energies supervisor to arrive and give the official all-clear.

He says they are hoping to allow evacuated residents back into their homes before midnight. 

Sun Prairie Police have halted evacuations. They're asking people to "shelter in place" if they've not already left their homes. For residents who have evacuated, they're asking them to stay out of the area or to remain at the high school until further notice. 


UPDATE (WKOW) --  Channel 27's crew on the scene says the evacuation area is near a sewage pump station. Officials say methane gases may have escaped from that facility 

Authorities are expected to give an update soon. 


SUN PRAIRIE --  Police confirm mandatory evacuations within a half mile of Whitetail Drive and East Main Street due to a gas leak.

They say responsive action should be taken immediately. Residents have been asked to leave from the following areas:E TO TOWN HALL ROADW TO COLUMBUS S TO ROBIN DRN TO CARRIAGE DR Evacuees are asked to report to Sun Prairie High School or leave the area. 

Officials say it's an active situation with no estimated ETA of return. They say they'll advise residents when it's safe to go back to their homes. 

An earlier gas explosion rocked Sun Prairie July 10th, leaving one firefighter in critical condition and killing another. Several other firefighters who responded to the scene also suffered minor injuries.  The city hasn't recovered yet from that incident. 

For more on this story: http://www.wkow.com/story/38810666/2018/08/03/evacuations-called-in-sun-prairie-for-gas-leak

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