Huskies running loose in Grant County kill two rabbits, pet cat

Courtesy: Grant Co. Sheriff's Office/Facebook

GRANT COUNTY (WKOW) -- A village of Livingston man was cited for dogs running at large and viscous dogs after authorities say his Huskies killed two 4-H pet rabbits and a pet cat.

Kelvin Curtis, 27, Livingston agreed to pay for the killed animals, according to a Grant County Sheriff's Office news release.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office responded about 5 a.m. Aug. 2 to a residence on N. Park Street. in the village of Livingston for a report of three Husky dogs that attacked and killed one of the resident's 4-H rabbits.

A sheriff's deputy located two of the dogs, but was unable to capture them.

The deputy then contacted Curtis who along with his fiance, began searching for the dogs.

However at about 6:10 a.m., two of the dogs returned to the first residence and killed another rabbit and the family cat, according to a news release.

Curtis arrived and was able to catch the dogs, according to the news release.

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