Lafayette County sex offender currently has no home upon release from jail

 A registered sex offender will be released into the Darlington later this month, however he currently has no place to live.

The Darlington Police Department says Alan Liphart's criminal history includes child enticement, sexual assault and disorderly conduct. 

His victims were all juvenile males.     

He is 34 years old, 5-foot-9-inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. 

He will be released on Tuesday, Aug. 21.

He doesn't currently have housing arrangements, according to police, and will be considered homeless when released. He will be monitored by a GPS ankle bracelet so his whereabouts are known 24 hours a day.

The police are releasing this information to heighten awareness of the presence of this individual. It is not intended to alarm people and there is no cause to believe Liphart poses a threat to the neighborhood. 

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