Wildfire smoke causes haze and "moderate" air quality for area

Photo: Wildfire smoke plumes via NOAA

MADISON (WKOW) - The sky didn't look as blue Sunday, despite conditions being mostly sunny. Rather, it looks milky white and hazy.

Heavy smoke from wildfires over the northwestern U.S. and southern Canada has gotten caught in the jet stream and has been transported more than a thousand miles into the Upper Midwest region.

Most of the smoke is very high up in the sky, but occasionally, you may be able to smell it as some plumes mix down to ground-level.

Because of this, the EPA says the air quality across Wisconsin is "moderate." Officials say this means that for a "very small number of people" who are unusually sensitive to air pollution, there could be moderate health concerns.

If you do feel irritated by any smokiness, make sure to stay in the air conditioning, or at least use an air filter to clean the air entering into your home.

Because of a persistent area of high pressure keeping conditions dry, expect the smoky/hazy set up to continue through Monday, as well

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