State trooper fills up man's gas tank after pulling him over

BROWN COUNTY (WBAY) -- A Wisconsin State Patrol trooper is being praised for what he did to help someone he pulled over.

Trooper Thomas Van Egeren pulled over Chase Ponchaud on Interstate 41 in Brown County earlier this month because Ponchaud's license plates had expired.

After the traffic stop, Ponchaud's car wouldn't start, so the trooper used his squad car to push the vehicle to the nearest gas station.

But his help didn't stop there. 

Ponchaud says the trooper "took out his card and just started filling up my tank and I was just like, you don't gotta do that, and he insisted."

"Underneath the hat and behind the badge here, I'm just like everybody else," Van Egeren says. "I saw somebody that needed a little extra hand and figured why not."

Ponchaud snapped a picture of the trooper filling up his tank and posted it on Facebook. It has more than 1,000 likes and it's been shared hundreds of times.

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