East Washington Avenue could be next to close

From Madison Alder Ledell Zellers: 

We are continuing to deal with the aftermath of Monday's unprecedented rainfall, both on the west and east sides of Madison.  Because of the rising water in the Isthmus, we are preparing to reroute traffic to Williamson Street, if East Washington Avenue become impassable.  The removal of parked cars will be crucial as we work to accommodate many additional vehicles.

Water is up higher than predicted.  We'll probably need to start closing the right lane of E Washington this afternoon/night.  Because of that, Parking Enforcement will post "No Parking" on all of Williamson Street starting around 10am today.  The signs will display, "No Parking, 8/23-8/31.  If we needing it longer than 8/31, it will be reposted next week. 

And on the West side of the City crews will be doing repairs on Pleasant View between Old Sauk Road and Blackhawk.  That section of road will be fully closed from 9:30 (after rush hour) until probably about 11:00 a.m.

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